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Premium Audience Network for Advertisers, Leading Demand Engine for Publishers, Powered by dbX / The Decibel Ad Exchange

The maximization engine for the next generation

Decibel represents the largest inventory of display and mobile advertising in the electronic music and entertainment industry. The dbX premium ad exchange is our advanced trading platform for publishers and advertisers with premium inventory and massive audience reach across both desktop and mobile web.


Supply-Side RTB Engine


We Connect Brands with Music, Technology and Creative Content

Decibel has created a platform that allows you to hyper target by interest, demographic, geographic location, time of day and much more. We make it simple to reach electronic music users on all of our direct premium publishers and across the web through our audience network, giving you maximum reach through one easy-to-use interface.

High-Impact placements at scale

Decibel is a premium, invite-only ad network connecting highly qualified audiences with highly relevant services, products and brands. The result is an increased ROI + brand exposure for advertisers and a better experience for readers.
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As a publisher on the Decibel ad network, you can monetize your website or app instantly. Our software will automatically match advertisers that are inline with your audience. The best part is, you’ll get paid for each impression your site generates.
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To become a publisher, you must first go through our quick and painless publisher application process. As long as your site meets our publisher requirements, you have a great chance of being accepted into our network of publishers.


With Decibel being invite-only, the ads displayed on your website will be on-topic and of high-quality. We have found this to be a recipe for success, typically leading to high click through rates and conversions. Making money for both publisher and advertiser.


You no longer have to wonder how your websites campaigns are performing.In-depth performance tracking is a breeze with our custom publisher dashboard.Our platform was designed to take the day-to-day hassles out of managing ad campaigns.

Demand-Side Engine

Proprietary OPEN RTB bid platform aggregates all demand sources for maximum CPM performance.

Direct Connect

We link premium 100% viewable inventory directly with programmatic demand on a preferred basis.


Our team is at your disposal. With over a decade of experience, we know how to help you get the most from your website property.

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Register now and you will immediately begin earning more revenue and serving high quality ads using our suite of custom and standard ad units.
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The Decibel Audience

Who are they?


Dance music fans, trend setters and enthusiasts

Music Producers

Electronic music producers, DJs and artists

Tech Enthusiasts

Community interested in tech and looking to buy

What we're all about...

Decibel is a premium trading platfrom for electronic music enthusiasts

Decibel is the leading platform for reaching electronic music enthusiasts in the global marketplace. We provide brand safe solutions across our expansive and fully transparent publisher network of music, production and dance culture websites as well as broad audience reach across our RTB enabled partners. Our quality content and audience network enables advertisers to reach a targeted exclusive audience, and publishers to monetize their content with relevant ads from premium demand sources.

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What our publishers say?

Decibel has been the number one network for us. Not only are we able to monetize better than most other networks, we're finally able to present relevant brands to our audience.

Mike Taylor, Soundista.com
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